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Author Topic: Forum Rules - Read Before Posting  (Read 2765 times)
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« on: August 21, 2009, 09:25:35 PM »

As much as I'd like to hope there will never be any problems, it's only fair to set out some ground rules so everyone can see them.  Not to mention I'm going to lay out the size restrictions on avatars and other images.

Image Size Restrictions

  • Avatars: 120x120 or 80kb maximum.  The image restriction is controlled by the forum software, but the size is not.  Needless to say, I'm going to be checking them manually and if I see any that are too big, you will be asked to change them.  If you don't change an avatar when asked within 3 days, I will remove it myself and send you a PM explaining why.
    Animated avatars are allowed.
    Avatars containing lewd or illegal imagery (porn or kiddie porn, basically) will be removed on sight, and depending on the severity, the offending member will either receive a warning via PM, or be banned, temporarily or permanently.
  • Signature Images: 100x500 or 80kb maximum.  A lot of people use these to advertise their websites, and I'm cool with that.  No animated banners, however, as they tend to be distracting and can take a long time to load for a page full of them.  Same rules as far as lewd or illegal imagery apply.
  • In-Line Images: The forum software is set to restrict the maximum image width to 600 pixels in order to avoid stretching the page too much.  If you want to show a larger image, you need to either turn it into a link, or use an image host like ImageBam, which will give you thumbnails that link to your larger images.
    Do not steal bandwidth.  If an image isn't hosted on your own webspace or an image host like PhotoBucket, ImageShack, ImageBam, etc. that constitutes bandwidth theft.  Such images will be converted to links.
  • Adult Imagery: Images that would be considered adult in nature (in movie terms, Rated R and above) are restricted to the Adult Forum.

Rules of Conduct

  • Be respectful.
  • Don't troll (make purposely inflammatory statements to get a reaction out of another poster).
  • Don't flame (pretty much anything that is only meant as an insult, i.e. "you're stupid").
  • Don't spam (make a lot of posts with little or no value).  There is some leeway on this rule, but don't push it.  Ad-bots and the like will be banned with prejudice, and their email addresses will form a public list for the spam-bots to read.
  • Avoid hot-button issues.  For now just avoid political discussion, there are other places for that kind of thing.  There won't be warnings unless the above rules are violated in the process, but all such topics will be closed on sight.
  • Don't post porn outside of the Adult Forum, or anything else that would be considered above a PG-13 rating.
  • Don't post anything illegal.  Seriously.  That includes links to torrent sites and the like. 
  • Depending on the seriousness of any infractions, up to three warnings will be given before a temporary ban (1 day) will be given.  Continued infractions will earn longer bans, until I lose patience and ban offenders permanently.  Please don't make me do that.

Regarding the Adult Forum

  • Sorry, grown-ups only.  And by grown-ups I mean at least 18 years old and the maturity to go along with it.
  • To be admitted, send me (CX) a Private Message and ask me.
  • Don't post anything illegal or I'll ban you.
  • While I certainly have nothing against porn, keep in mind that the Adult Forum is for more than just sharing fap material.  If you have something to discuss that's on the mature side, I should hope everyone would be, well, mature about it.
  • Most importantly, have fun.

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