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Author Topic: 0x01 - "One Small Step..." Part I  (Read 2229 times)
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« on: August 28, 2009, 04:23:18 PM »

“One Small Step…” Part I  Foundations Miniseries episode #1.  Story by Erik Gustav Hanska, Jimi James, and PG15.  Written by Erik Gustav Hanska, Rigil Kent, and Alex Z.  Script first released on 21 March 2006.  No date given.  As Earth makes her first steps into deep space exploration, trouble erupts on Alpha Centauri. A colony wanting out enlists the help of an alien nation, and brings to a hault the mission of the newly commissioned UES Enterprise. Now a rookie crew and untested ship must do their best to end an uprising without bloodshed, and do it without the Vulcans pulling the plug on this newest endeavour by Earth.
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