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Author Topic: Willkommen, jolan tru, welcome!  (Read 6073 times)
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EAS in a Nutshell

Ex Astris Scientia (EAS) is an unofficial, privately owned and strictly non-commercial website dedicated to the Star Trek science fiction franchise. It was created and is maintained by long-time Star Trek fan Bernd Schneider. EAS focuses on the starships and future technology that appeared in the various TV series and movies, as well as on the discussion of artistic, social and philosophical aspects of Star Trek. The Starship Database, Starship Articles, Fleet Charts, Treknology Encyclopedia and the treatises on Time Travel and Inconsistencies are the most comprehensive references of their kind available anywhere. They are considered by some fans as almost authoritative, although the conclusions put forward at EAS are in no way official.

EAS is canon-based, meaning that only evidence that actually appeared on screen is taken into account, as opposed to games or novels. If in any way possible, updates and amendments of the facts and conclusions at EAS take place immediately whenever newly found canon evidence requires them. Minor maintenance of the site takes place almost every day. New content is added at least twice a week.

In addition, EAS includes episode reviews (although those of TNG and DS9 are still in work), galleries of starships and other pictures, most of which were originally scanned for this site and are not available in this form elsewhere. Among the numerous smaller sections of the site the continually updated Links page with 200 hand-picked Star Trek sites is of particular interest, as well as the Ex Astris Excellentia Award (EAE), the only renowned award for Trek websites still in existence. It is given out to outstanding Trek sites in uninterrupted succession since 1999. EAS itself received a large number of distinctions too.

--Excerpt from Ex Astris Scientia "Introduction" page

CX's EAS in a Nutshell:  It's probably the best Star Trek website you will find on the web, packed full of thoughtful articles in addition to the photo galleries and ship lists one might expect from a Star Trek website.  As Bernd describes above, it is not only that, but much more.  I've been checking in on his website since about 1998, and I've always been impressed by hat I've found there.  It's also host to a lot of other side projects that wouldn't fit in with EAS's strictly canon nature, all of it stuff you should consider checking out.  thumbup

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