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 on: July 13, 2017, 07:10:38 PM 
Started by alexwcovington - Last post by alexwcovington
OH HAI.  I didn't see you come in.  You're my favourite customer, ahahahahaha.

Want to play water polo on the Catwalk?


The only guy more insane than Tommy Wiseau is Captain Archer.   And as it happens, they both hail from green-screen San Francisco!

So throw your upside-down spoons in honour of the not-Akira class Enterprise crew as they take you on their very strange journeys...

Just ask Chef for your pizza with half artichoke and pesto, half pineapple and Andorian Bacon.

 on: June 21, 2017, 10:24:01 PM 
Started by N734NJ - Last post by Penguins79
I lurb this.

 on: June 21, 2017, 11:35:49 AM 
Started by N734NJ - Last post by N734NJ
Editorial Position: I Was Wrong About Ouran High School Host Club

There is an old adage in research, political science and anything academic that ďcorrelation is not causationĒ. Yet, I let that get the best of me. See, back in 2009 when I first on the anime convention scene, it was wonderful (everyoneís first are). Legions of cosplayers, people dressed up from anime I havenít even heard of yet. And enough people in powder-blue blazers to fill up a full A380plus. These people, wig-clad and uniform in their look had some other common denominator: there were damn annoying. Later, this group is part of a larger movement called the fad cosplayers, moving from one big thing to the next. Ouran led to Hetalia, which was then a jumping point for Homestuck. Homestuck floated on for a while, and that then turned into Attack Titan. That was a waypoint to Steven Universe, and who knows where it will go next. So, it was a long, annoying road of fandoms, filled to the brim with noisy, obtrusive and obsessive people that turned me off to a lot of things.

   Ouran comes into the picture from that. Fast forward to 2016. Still adjusting having just moved to a new part of the country, my only connection to friends is through the same computer Iím typing this on. Iím in the midst of tedious and draining training at work (aviation be srs business), when my good friend from Minneapolis suggest ďHey, letís watch OuranĒ. I scoff. He insists that we try it ďyouíll like itĒ. I mean, I guess. Canít be too wrong-he hasnít led me astray yet. We synch up the episode (weíre doing this over the interwebs, 1,200 miles away), and press play. Extremely skeptical, one episode leads to the next, and 26 episodes later Ė somehow- the show has won me over. Among all the tumult, the confusion, Ouran comes by with some new concepts, but some older tropes put on their sides, charming me with its ability to make me laugh and not get onto/off of another feels train.  

   This is me eating crow, backpedaling years of downplaying this show and having let a fandom ruin an otherwise fun and interesting series. Yes. It has things I donít usually find appealing in anime, implied yaoi parings, a few love-ish plots. If the anime was just that Ėlike I had been led to believe by the fandomĖ I would have walked by episode 3. However, what appeared to be fangirl bait was actually a tightly-controlled, witty 26 episode mini-parody of anime tropes, everything from the implied yaoi, to fanservice, annoying twins and beyond. What I thought was fluff was actually a pretty well-laid out series, with satisfying character development coupled to a wonderful baroque-like soundtrack (Iím a sucker for good violin arrangements, harpsichords are a bonus). To me, a wonderful bonus is Vic Mignogna's work voicing Tamaki Suoh (wow, Vic as yet *another* teenager.....) whose abhorrence of Yaoi makes this all the sweeter. Yet, still he does a pretty darn good job at playing the club President.

   Without the full review, this is all I can say, seeing Iím currently sandwiched between a Union meeting, a midshift and an online class. The simple fact of the matter is I let the fandom nearly kill this for me, and it took nearly 6 years for me to reconcile the discontinuity. I donít know if Iíll ever like Homestuck (too long), Steven Universe, or the like, but at least here Iím glad to be wrong. This may not change your mind, and thatís ok, but my mind has taken a 180-degree coordinated turn, and thatís all that really matters.

   Check it out. But you donít have to take my word for it.

 on: June 21, 2017, 11:20:37 AM 
Started by N734NJ - Last post by N734NJ
The Thread where I contribute to MW, but it don't fit into other categories.

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